How to dress for every type of wedding you have this summer

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It used to be that dress codes for a summer’s worth of weddings were pretty much interchangeable. Perhaps that one was a bit smarter and called for a new hat, another more intimate or bohemian. Generally, though, a nice frock would do.

But just as weddings have become 3D Pinterest boards of one-of-a-kind one-upmanship, so dressing for wedding guests has become a quagmire of misread signals and misguided purchases (I’m looking at you, pashminas). With the affianced planning their I-dos everywhere from remote Greek mountain villages to enter-through-the-wardrobe speakeasies, it’s hard to know what the part is, let alone look it.

If you’re hoping for a set of rules to follow here, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. “The ‘never wear white to a wedding’ mantra no longer applies,” says Ellie Pithers, fashion features editor at Vogue. “Obviously, one should steer clear of long white lacy dresses that could cause confusion as you file into church, but a white or cream shift dress is perfectly acceptable. “Hats are now specified on the invitation, and are usually encouraged rather than enforced. Fascinators look cheap – always.”

If the ground feels as though it’s been pulled from beneath your feet, fear not: fashion giveth and it taketh away. The wedding dress code as you knew it might be out of date, but these days, there are many more options than a nice frock to be had: it’s just a case of knowing what to wear, and when.

The City Ceremony

As a general rule of thumb, city wedding dress codes are a bit more tailored, and a bit less flamboyant – imagine yourself on the bus home and suddenly that silk prom skirt is a lot less appealing. Given that jumpsuits will now be allowed in Ascot’s royal enclosure, I’d say that makes them wedding appropriate, too, provided they bear no resemblance to a Ghostbusting boiler suit. Look for a wide-leg, cropped style – the A-line shape is more elegant than a fitted silhouette. Martha Ward’s is £395 from Shrimps, and comes in navy, or try Paper London’s Pepto-Bismol pink if you’re feeling brave.

The Destination Wedding

The temptation with a hot destination wedding is to wear one of those heavily embroidered folk dresses that were so popular last summer. The danger is that most likely everyone else will do the same, and you’ll look like a matrioshka dolls cosplay group.

Wearing ruffles is still entering very much into the spirit of things, but in less of a bringing- my-goods-to-market kind of way, which you’ll thank yourself for when you see the wedding photos. JCrew Collection’s ruffled blue skirt will work with a simple white blouse, but Marks & Spencer’s khaki wrap dress is so good that, really, no other ruffles need apply. Stick to shades of tan, brown and gold for accessories.

And shoes? Suede mules will work in a Tuscan vineyard but not on a Caribbean beach, where it’s safer to opt for ancient-Greek sandals.

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