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China JX Abrasives:as a renowned shot blast machine manufacturer for high quality among this field.Over a period of 25 years,JX Shot blast machine manufacturer has developed several product lines,including shot blast machine product line such as roller conveyor shot blasting machine,concrete block shot blast machine,hanger shot blasting machine,rotary table shot blasting machine,hoist shot blasting machine for surface finishing and cleaning in aerospace,automotive,shipyard, railway,forge and foundry,steel pipe,steel structure,aluminum and other industries.And another metal abrasives line like cast steel shot,cast steel grit,angular bearing steel grit,rail steel grit,cut wire shot covering stainless steel shot, zinc shot,aluminum shot,copper shot.JX Abrasives offers our customers a comprehensive solution based on their specific needs,so customization is welcomed.   JX Abrasives has been holding fast to the customer first,quality top as operation principle.The implementation of the strict quality monitoring system,passing the international quality certification ISO-9001,ISO-14001,OHSAS 18001 and the introduction of highly sophisticated technology is guarantee that high quality shot blast machine and metal abrasive procuced from JX Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer Co., Ltd.It is also a prerequisite for robust cooperation between the parties.   In the last 25 yers,China JX Abrasives has conducted numerious cooperations with customers in the world at large.Some of the clients from many countries also visit our factory for in-depth mutual understanding.please feel free to contact us and all the information is available on our website.

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