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I think the first time we know the Hamilton Ventura XXL watch was in 2012 movie Men In Black III (3) ,When I first saw this watch, it was attracted to its unique triangular design.yes,The Ventura is a very special model in not only Hamilton’s history,It is among the most iconic wrist watches ever designed – and it was a total USA baby. The original was released back in 1957. The image in this article with the older Ventura shows a model from 1969. I believe the original models were tuning fork based watches with electronic movements. These were the predecessors of quartz movements.

Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto

Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto

The Ventura XXL that was released a few years ago was meant to be a larger, more modern version of the classic. It is 46mm by 45.5mm in size and comes here in a polished steel case. The design of the 2012 model is almost identical to that of the outgoing Ventura XXL limited edition model, but this is in polished steel versus PVD black coated steel.

Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto

Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto

This special timepiece integrates touches of the unexpected to give its classic inspiration a futuristic and edgy feel. The familiar shield shape of the case gets a distinctively contemporary look through smoothed surfaces and XXL dimensions. The angular crown is integrated into the case with its pointed tip signaling 3 o’clock. The black dial has racy looks with a background effect resembling that of a high-tech sound box. A touch of fiery red stretches from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock and daringly reappears on the tip of the seconds hand. Celebrating modernity, the case elegantly flows into a stylish, smooth black rubber strap.

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Hamilton Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary Swiss ETA replica

Hamilton Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary Swiss ETA replica


It was a top grade AAA Replica watch,made by the polished steel case same as the original,inside was the same quartz movement with the original,all the details was same ,so it was a watch 1:1 same.see the real photo details:

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Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto replica

Hamilton Ventura XXL Auto replica


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