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Patent No: US 9,962,596,B2


To whom it may concern:

I will like to congratulate you on your achievement as one of the Top Skateboarders of all times. As one of the most influential skateboarder I would like to introduce to you the first of its kind SELF STANDING skateboard system that can be desirably stored and displayed.  It provides a safer and more convenient way to store and display your skateboard which you can express yourself anywhere! Enables the user to prop the skateboard upright on the front or back trucks of their board while not in use and can be use as trophy displayed as proof of victory.

Features can be made in a variety of materials colors and designs to better fit the needs of your personal logo. The benefits of the skateboard stand is that “YOU CAN PARK YOUR RIDE” is safe and convenient while in use it can be folded and fits in your pocket while you ride your skateboard and it is a safe way to store and display while not in use, it shows off your skateboard while you are not riding in the park or while not competing. Helps avoid accidents, injuries and clutter at home or while out and about. You can display your collectable miniature skateboards in a more visible and attractive area in your home or office. Pocket Skateboard Stand is truly a product with a timeless design Marketing predict that $230 million in revenue will be created due to product unit sales in over 20 million locations.

The patent for this product is up for assignment or licensing.









           Park your Skate                                                        Lift and Remove Stand                                                                 Fold Stand







   Store in Pocket                                                     Attach to skateboard                                                  Park Skateboard

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