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Ningbo Jinlun Magnet Technology Co., LTD is well known China motor magnets manufacturers and magnetic assemblies suppliers.   Jinlun motor magnets are not only used in cars and trucks, but can also be used for several other things. You may have seen motor magnets at places such as restaurants and supermarkets, and even in some homes and businesses that use alternative power sources. For example, you may have noticed that these magnets are on your refrigerator, and they may also be used for an air conditioner at your home. In order to make a motor magnet, magnets are put inside a container and then surrounded by magnets of different shapes and sizes. The magnets repel one another, and the repulsion creates a magnetic field around the container. If the magnet moves along this magnetic field, it will pull itself along the path of the magnet, which causes it to move.

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Ningbo Jinlun Magnet Technology Co., LTD.

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