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Ningbo Hongyan Packing Material Co.,Ltd is one of the largest entities with booming growth and advanced technologies in packing industry in China,and it has integrated functionalities in R&D,design,manufacturing,sales and customer service of PE Film in China.   Since established,Hongyan is aiming at "world-class PE film manufacturing enterprise" with "International Quality,Local Cost" management guidance.It is growing with globatized standard and positively extending the International Packing Industry R&D concept "Envi ronment Protected,Healthy,Safety".Every year,Hongyan spends lots of R&D cost on product innovations to satisfy the customers,meanwhile it has built up good business partnership with key raw materials suppliers like Exxon Mobil, Dow Chemical etc.Their co-worked R&D team has developed advanced intergradient and process technologies.So far, some series of high quality packing materials and machines have been launched to market.

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Ningbo Hongyan Packing Material Co.,Ltd

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