Xin Guang Yuan (New Lights) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

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Xin Guang Yuan (New Lights) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Haining, China, is a sizable OEM factory established with over 20 years of solid experience in the lighting industry. As a leading manufacturer of LED products & fluorescent Lamps, New Lights introduced green, reliable, and price-competitive lighting products of high efficacy and quality. To enhance our ODM & OEM capability, we keep upgrading our R&D and production lines to roll out a broad range of new designs including LED luminaires, tubes, and bulbs.

Our company owns 35,000m2 of workshops, warehouses & office area. We have 500 skilled workers and lighting professions operating 15 professional production lines and key company functions. We have a sales team of 20 representatives and our exports cover 50 countries worldwide, including United States, Germany, UK, Spain, Japan, etc. We are thankful for every established mutual-beneficial relationship with customers worldwide and we have sustainable long-term partnerships with key China lighting brands including NVC, Yankon, TCL, and Midea.

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