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You'll be spending the rest of the OSRS gold years of your life

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You'll be spending the rest of the OSRS gold years of your life

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This is where you'll be spending the rest of the OSRS gold years of your life, cutting and dropping 153.083 logs of teak. If you choose not to 2-tick , you'll see an XP rate ranging between 35.000 per hour up to 93.000 in the late 90s. But if you opt to 2-tick this will dramatically increase - by 68.000 each hour and up to 180.000. This is definitely the fastest possible Woodcutting XP in the game however it's click intensive and requires a mass amount of focus. I'll present alternative methods of training in the following article if you are feeling like changing things up or are looking for an even more AFK way to spend time watching TV programs or films.

Level 15-45: Oak Trees

Doing 30 cuts to cut willows isn't the most suitable option if you are a fresh account holder or an Ironman, as wood logs are beneficial for building up your skills later on down the road. If you are a fresh account and want to get into Woodcutting in these two locations previously mentioned are ideal as they permit you to store your logs quickly. They aren't worth much but getting around level 45 will provide enough money to buy all the axes that go up to rune. At current prices, the 1.577 oak logs that you receive are worth 37.848 GP.

Level 45 - 60: Maple Trees

There's only one spot that you can go in RuneScape where you can slice maples and it's here, right behind the Seers' Village bank. It's likely that everyone has been there as a kid to cut down maples. This is the place to be prior to joining the Woodcutting Guild. The logs are almost worthless at just 8 GP each, however they're extremely AFK with decent XP which ranges from 25.000 until 57.000 Hourly XP. You will need cut 2.123 maple logs to reach 60 wood cutting from 45.

Level 60+ Yew Trees

Cutting yews within the Woodcutting Guild is an extremely reliable and effective method to learn if you're trying to take a break from the more strenuous 2-tick teak method or are just busy, but want to get XP. The quantity of wood needed depends on your goal and needs, but you can anticipate XP rate in the range of 30.000 to 46.000 hours of XP, with a profit of 65.000 GP up to 120.000 GP per hour.

The level 75+ version of Magic Trees

Magic trees within the Woodcutting Guild offer an extremely AFK learning method when you reach a higher level. Not recommended until you reach 75 due the inefficient XP rates, however they're a little more lucrative than yews for that level, so if you're not looking for high XP rates, this is an ideal option!

The Levels 90 and 99: Redwood Trees

Once you have reached level 90. you will gain the redwood tree, which are , hands down, the most effective Woodcutting AFK XP within the game. With XP rates of 55.000 through 75.000. they are still much slower than 2-ticking or regular teaks, however they offer a much more comfortable way to train while still generating revenue. Based on the 20.232 redwood logs that you'll need for cutting to obtain 99 Woodcutting you can expect to earn as high as RuneScape gold.

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