N-(2,6-Dimethylphenl)-2-Piperidine Carboxamide ,n26dimethylphenl2piperid

We are a fast paced company. Most queries can be answered within 2-24 hours, but no more than 48 hours. As we have extensive international contacts with other suppliers and manufacturers, we can help you with all your chemical needs, please feel free to contact us. Contact Information: WhatsApp: + 8617602528653 Address: Nanjing If you are looking for a reliable supplier, we are your best choice! Guarantee 100% safe delivery! 公司热销产品5cladb,adbb flakka CAS: 14530-33-7  5485-65-4(HCl) .AUtylone CAS:802855-66-9 eutylone CAS:802855-66-9 methylone CAS:802855-66-9 .MDMA CAS:42542-10-9 A-pvp CAS:14530-33-7/5485-65-4(HCl)  英文名称 CAS号码 2-Fluoroviminol, 2F-Viminol 63880-43-3 2-Methyl-AP-237 17719-89-0 17730-82-4 (HCl) 3-Methylbutyrfentanyl, 3-MBF 97605-09-9 3-Methylfentanyl, 3-MF 42045-86-3 4-Chloroisobutyrfentanyl, 4-CliBF, p-CliBF 4-Fluorobutyrfentanyl, 4-FBF, p-FBF 244195-31-1 4-Fluoroisobutyrfentanyl, 4-FiBF, p-FiBF 244195-32-2 4-Methoxybutyrfentanyl, 4-MeO-BF 2088842-68-4 4-Fluorofentanyl, 4-FF, p-FF 90736-23-5 p-hydroxy-butyrylfentanyl Acetylfentanyl, AF 3258-84-2 Acetoxymethylketobemidone, O-AMKD 878895-45-5 Acrylfentanyl 82003-75-6 HCl: 79279-03-1 AH-7921 55154-30-8