Custom Baghouse Cement Dust Collector

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The reverse pulse dust collector is a kind of advanced dust collector with high efficiency and technology. The reverse pulse dust collector combines the advantages from reverse blow type bag filter and pulse jet bag collector, overcome the disadvantage of insufficient reverse blowing pressure in reverse blow type bag filter and the disadvantages of bag filtration and pulse jet dust removing being proceeding simultaneously. Therefore, the reverse pulse dust collector has more application and with longer services life than other types of bag filter.

The reverse pulse dust collector is also a kind dust removal machine in heavy duty which is installed in the open air. The filtration capacity can be designed and manufactured base on the number of filter bag chambers and the size offilter bags. There are 32pcs, 64pcs, 96pcs and 128pcs filter bags per chamber with filter bag size φ133x2450mm or φ133x3060mm for the destination dust collecting purpose base on technical requirements from end users all over the world. When the reverse pulse dust collector used in cold area with the ambient temperature below -25℃, the heat insulation layer should be installed along with the house shell of collector.

The major characteristic ofreverse pulse dust collector is off line 除尘方法。脉冲喷射除尘系统可以逐室操作。正在进行除尘程序的袋室可以停止空气过滤工作,而其他袋仍然可以正常工作。这就是反向脉冲除尘器可以处理入口灰尘含量超过1000g /m³的原因。
•重负荷 - 净化空气,灰尘密度超过1000g /m³。

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