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808nm non Gaussian Infrared Line Laser Modules

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808nm non Gaussian Infrared Line Laser Modules

dom 28-ago-2022 06:30:02 ART #988480

In any type of precise line alignment under all night version fields, different from a simple infrared laser pointer, it projects even more complex laser light in type of a highly straight infrared line after the use of a 808nm infrared line laser module. It is projecting invisible infrared laser beam directly from a 808nm infrared laser diode. After advanced use of cooling system and constant power supply, it gets superior nice thermal emitting and highly stable infrared laser line alignment in long lasting use. On basis of the best use of separate crystal lens within 10 to 93 degree, it is working well with highly uniform and fine infrared line with various line lengths. Only after its freely adjusted IR line fineness and line emitting direction, this infrared laser line generator always brings users high precision, high fineness and long lasting infrared line alignment in distance perfectly.

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